Cage Dive with Great White Sharks

Great White Shark Cage Diving has, in recent years, become one of the most popular adventure activities amongst adrenalin junkies, divers & tourists. Shark Cage Diving has become hugely popular around the world and in particular in South Africa where it was started 20 years ago in Gansbaai near Hermanus in the Western Cape. Hermanus is just an hour and a half drive from Cape Town, the “Mother City” of South Africa.

South Africa has become known around the world as one of the best Great White Shark Cage Divingdestinations in the world. Great White Shark Cage diving is offered in many locations around the coast of South Africa, all the Shark Cage Diving operators are required to have a permit as well as licensed boats which are checked regularly to ensure their equipment is in peak working condition. All Shark Cage Diving boat crew are required to have been trained as well as many operators ensuring that their staff have received training in the Tour Guide industry.
The Great White Shark Diving industry has ensured yet another great reason for travelers to choose South Africa as a preferred destination. This thrilling and exciting adventure activity has encouraged Tourism as well as providing many with job opportunities in areas such as Gansbaai near Hermanus where job opportunities are scarce.

Shark Cage Diving has also provided many tourists with a fresh insight into the Great White Shark, it’s habits, habitat and the extinction factor facing Great White Sharks due to Finning by many Asian countries where Sharks are senselessly killed for their fins. (said to be an aphrodisiac/have medical benefits). Read More

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